Sunday, 18 September 2011

Electric TV Review: Doctor Who Season 6 "The God Complex"


I hate goodbyes. Goodbyes suck. You should only say goodbye when you know there's a hello again around the corner. Which is exactly wot we got last night in the "God Complex", the latest episode of Doctor Who Season 6. A great big soppy onion of an episode that was. All sorts of deep meaning and deeper revelations where the main characters discovered their inner faith - or not as in Rory's case. That was curious. Was Rory shown the exit because his death would have greater significance than what was obvious? Maybe his death is one of those fixed points in time where nothing can affect its true outcome. Amy's faith was nicely done and an "of course!!" moment. Lovely scene with little Amelia sat on her suitcase staring out of the window waiting for him to return. That she realised he really was only a "mad man in a box" was the beginning of the end of her adventures with him. Smith and Gillan were splendid there and their companionship shone through. The Wizard had pulled back the curtain to reveal his true self. Awww.

As for what the Doctor saw in his own room 11 - ah, of course. Why spoil the fun and break a gazillion  threads of fevered speculation and argument.

The more I think of this episode the more I like it. So many little "Oooo's" to ponder. Did he really eat that apple? How many Doctors were in that room full of mirrors? Has there been more than one Doctor running around in front of us all this time? What's with the boots? Oh, and different coloured bow ties! Was that Jim the Fish the alien ate? Is there a connection between water and portals? Are we jumping between multiple time lines and dimensions in this thing? Is Plymouth really that bad? And those peculiar little time jump quirks with Rory. Is he still hearing banging in his head? But since he's said goodbye will we ever find out? I guess the answers to that lie in the future in the past.

To finish, those last moments as the Doctor returns Amy and Rory back to their new home with their new HOT car was a nice emotional way to bring their journey to an end and to keep them safe. Time to get on with living and to grow old with the one you love. But, by gum, it's been a fun journey. For me, the great thing about Seasons 5 and 6 is the sense that we actually have been on an incredible journey and that each character has both grown and learned from the experience. The most inmportant being those lessons learned by the Doctor himself. That, no matter how much fun it is galivanting around time and space, you should never forget who you truly are and where you came from.

Can we have that Victorian, whip cracking, leather wearing, lesbian silurian for the new companion please...


  1. Sigh. I have to remember not to check out your blog on Mondays. Fortunately, all I saw was the part about "Victorian, whip cracking, leather wearing, lesbian silurian[s]," and that's just your standard signature line, right?

  2. Watching these with a noisy 10 year old apparently diminishes some of the effect. Glad you're here to tell me what happened.