Friday, 16 September 2011

Retro Videogames: Happy 10th Birthday Gamecube.


The GAMECUBE from Nintendo is by far my favourite console. What a fantastic little machine and so different from the X-Box and Playstation 2 that fought the last generation war along with it. Designed to perfection and robust standards, the GAMECUBE was a superb example that the best things are usually the simplest. The machine wasn't as great a success as Nintendo had hoped for but it brought to the gaming world two of it's greatest games, ANIMAL CROSSING and the sublime and artistically stunning ZELDA: WIND WAKER. A special mention for the controller. I hate both its rivals designs. Too bulky and angular in equal measure. I always got the feeling I was having to fight the design rather than the games themselves. But the GAMECUBE controller was the best ever. More compact, it disappeared in your hands and everything felt instinctive and just right when playing a game. A true gamers controller and console. Happy 10th birthday GAMECUBE.

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