Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cult Icons: Marty McFly


Marty McFly is the kid I never was but always wanted to be. Born into a family of oddballs, Marty gets through life as an uncool guy who just happened to do the coolest stuff ever. Sure he has a hot girlfriend in Jennifer, the kind of best friend in Doc Brown most of us would kill for, and he gets to travel in time and reshape his density. But at heart, Marty is a dreamer. A rock and roll dreamer who dreams of stuff that's always just beyond his reach until he gets that call from some crazy wild eyed Scientist who tells him to get his slacker ass down to Twin Pine Mall where he's going to show him some "serious shit." And he does. And then more serious shit happens and, well, you know the rest of the story. 

At heart, we're all Marty McFly's. Dreamers.  Wanting to expand our horizons. To see more than we'll ever be able to see. To live beyond our years. As Marty whispers in awe as he walks out of that alleyway in 2015, "The future. Unbelievable."

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