Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Electric Star Wars: the SW Collectors Edition (1977)

- memories of those original star wars days - 


Well, here we go, this is it. My very first encounter with STAR WARS. I was 14. It was a rainy Wednesday in early April 1977 and I was coming home from a trip to visit Grandma when I decided on a whim to pop into a local newsagent to buy a can of coke. Can remember walking into the shop, buying sed fizzy drink, and turning to look at the magazines stacked neatly on the shelves in the far side of the shop. There amongst all the usual publications and comics was the above magazine. I picked it up and flicked through it. "Wow." What was this? A movie? Is that a robot? OMG, bigfoot is in it. Luke Skywalker? Han Solo? Whoa, she's cute and hot. And how much does this thing cost? I had to buy it. The geek in me made me do it. And that was it. The first WARS thing bought and the first of many such things bought over the coming months and years.

Those days before it arrived were amazing. The sense of anticipation of its arrival was raw. Every kid I knew was desperate to see it. Every snippet of news or image released was poured over and discussed to death. Those original STAR WARS days were great days. Nothing since has come close to those times...

Expect many more STAR WARS memories in ELECTRIC PIX.

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