Saturday, 1 October 2011

Retro Toys: Kerplunk!!


Most kids had Monopoly. A few had Buckaroo. Some even had Cluedo. But everyone, every kid had Kerplunk!!

It was usually the present of last resort along with the Cadburys selection box or the Beano annual bought in the local department store by your mam or dad in the last desperate hours before closing time on Christmas Eve. But that didn't matter because Kerplunk!! was just so much fun to play when playing was as much about your imagination than anything else.

Tube of clear blue plastic. Middle riddled with holes. Bunch of straws fed into and out of these holes, and then a clack of marbles are dropped onto the criss cross of straws. Depending on how many are playing, each player takes it in turn to carefully pull out a straw with the object being to stop any gaps appearing which would allow a marble to fall through into their slot. Player with least marbles in their slot wins. Simple. Yet fun. A classic game because only classic games stand the test of time.

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