Sunday, 2 October 2011

Electric TV Review: Doctor Who Season 6 "The Wedding of River Song"


Alas my expectations were not met. But I'm not sure why. This last episode of Season 6 fairly bounced along on a bouncy thing of its own internal logic and was a thoroughly entertaining ride and watch. I guess I expected to be more surprised than I was. That the revelations therein would be at the more extreme end of the mass speculation that this series has given arise to. Very last "Losty" in the end for me - though nowhere near the emotional deflation I felt watching the final moments of that series. In truth, it is a very rare gem that lives up to the anticipation of expection. We are slaves to our own perceptive reasoning and timey whimeyness. More fool us and is certainly no slight to those that strive to create through love and passion that which we all cherish.

No point in discussing the plot of the thing as I'd end up tying myself up in wishful thinking knots but here are some random bubble universal thoughts on this finale. The most important being the rebirth of the shadow Doctor. Applaud this loads. Bedone with the Jesus myth and begone this intergalactic Napoleon. Season 7 has a new gameplan with a more invisible Gallifreyan bouncing around singular episodes doing good deeds and keeping a low profile. Hopefully the writers can expand this return to the original horizons for the character. Gee whizz, maybe from the get go this was Moffats grand scheme of returning the show to pre-cancellation basics. Thumbs up if so. Went the long way around and did it the hard way though..

Liked the respectful nod to the Brigadier. More so because it changed the character of the Doctor. That in sadness he came to realise than no one can escape their ultimate fate. Smith was outstanding here. Loss, pain, realisation and resignation writ large on his oblong face. Even with wonky writing, Smith has the ability to rise above such ding dong dialog and make it matter.

So there was no second Doctor as I and many others had presumed. Instead we had a clockwork doppleganger who bit the bullets for the greater good. Loved that the "other" Tardis was actually inside the robot Doctor all the time. "Look into my eye." Indeed. Enjoyed that. Oooo, when was the switch then?

Bit sad that the River Song character arc sort of withered on the vine. And that her story really was nothing more than a plot whisper to create a fixed point in time. Though did enjoy that nice little scene with her and her parents in the garden at the end. Full circle. The Ponds were peripheral to the greater plot. Amy was hot in the suit. Rory didn't die again despite the best efforts and jive talk of the Silents. Cute coda that Amy and Rory will always find each other no matter what. Their overall destiny is that they are soulmates and destined to be together. Everything is right with the world when the geek gets the hot girl.

Design wise, very impressive look to the episode. Money on screen for sure. I could live in an alt-timeline like that. A sort of Vernetopia. How wonderful to see a British science fiction show done with such imagination and sheer bravura.

Despite my overall reservations "The Wedding of River Song." was a satisfying end to what has been a very enjoyable season. The feeling that the story has progressed and moved on is obvious. Another chapter in the tale of Doctor Who has been writ. Another piece to the jigsaw has been placed. Time is no longer standing still. The future is an exciting horizon. "Doctor Who?" said the head in the box as the Timelord stepped away from the limelight back into the shadows. Exactly. A new start. A new adventure begins. Roll on Christmas 2011 and Season 7.

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  1. I don't want to wait until late 2012 for Series 7. Boo.