Friday, 15 July 2011

Retro Toys: Clackers.


Of bruised wrists and cracked knuckles, here was a 70's toy that left more kids in pain than any I can remember. Think of a clock face: hold the gizmo by the plastic tab with the two glass balls hanging at the six. Flick the wrist up and down to swing the balls in opposite directions up to 12 and back again to the 6 - and again - only this time faster and keep that rhythmn up for as long as you can. Impossible to describe, but it had that "this is going to hurt like hell but I'm going to beat my time if it's the last thing I do." something which kept you coming back for one more try. I think my record was about 35 seconds before the devil decided I'd had enough and had me running around my backyard, rubbing my knuckles and yelping in pain. A simple idea and a black and blue classic retro toy.

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