Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Cult Icons: the Pearl and Dean Intro.


Everyone hates adverts at the movies. They're usually the signal to go stock up on mars bars, a can of tizer and a packet of crisps before the main movie. What's worse is they seem to go on forever and forever. There's only so many times you can sit through that Cinzano advert no matter how hot the babes are. But, as with all things timeless, nostaglic and retro, you remember things and realise you miss them like hell. One of those things was the intro to those adverts by a company called Pearl and Dean. 

My cinematic age was the late 60's, through the 70's to the early 80's, and one of the things I recall the most was this intro and especially the music to it. This always makes me smile whenever I hear it and takes me back to my outback home town and the Wallaw Cinema with its rusty red velvet chairs and sticky linoleum whilst watching Jason and the Argonauts on the big screen...

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  1. Yes, except for the cig ads,remember this?