Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cult Icons: Morecambe and Wise - Christmas Show.


As traditional as burnt turkey and mushy brussel sprouts, the one thing that personified Christmas Day more than anything for those of us in the UK was the Morecambe and Wise Show. Once you'd ate your fill of the feast, worn out the batteries with whatever gizmo your Auntie Nellie had told Santa to bring you on the big day, and got fed up with the endless holiday adverts telling you all about the wonders of Skegness even when there was a blizzard blowing outside, everyone - and I mean, everyone, gathered around their tellys on Christmas Day evening to watch Eric and Ernie's Xmas special. And it was special. It was an event. A "did you see so and so last night?" communial moment of mutual worship. Even as a kid, I realised it was something that you shouldn't miss even if you wanted to be outside riding around on your new Raleigh Chopper bike.  

Twenty million plus viewing figures were the norm for the Eric and Ernie Xmas show back in the day. And they were funny. Funny as in funny funny. Eric Morecambe had a face born to be in comedy. Nothing smutty just old school funny. Funny enough to be remembered no matter how many years pass. 

- photo: Ernie (left) and Eric -

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  1. "He's not gonna sell much ice cream going at that speed is he?"