Sunday, 4 September 2011

Retro Comics: 2000 AD issue #1 (1977)


Crikey, it's been 34 years since I bought this issue back in the 70's. Makes me feel my age looking at the cover. I always was a sci-fi geek and a comic dedicated to all things fantasy and future was just the best thing ever. This was months before STAR WARS was even on the radar and changed everything as far as the genre was concerned. 2000 AD was great and had a decent selection of stories which covered everything from future dystopian nuclear ravaged wastelands and worlds, Dan Dare inter-galactic space wars, future sports with jet packs and aerial slam dunks to time travelling, cigar chewing, dinosaur hunting cowboys. It wasn't until issue #2 did the iconic JUDGE DREDD appear and who eventually became the comics number one strip - and has remained so ever since. Initially edited by a green bug called Tharg from Betelguese (no, seriously - he was green), it is no small achievement that it has lasted so long thanks to its great art and stories. I bought it for over 20 years but then it came down to either continue getting it or feeding the kids. That was one tough call I can tell you...

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