Saturday, 10 September 2011

Electric TV Review: Doctor Who Season 6 "The Girl Who Waited"


The more I watch of Moffat's Doctor Who the more I think this is his long planned magnus opus about the mechanics and heart of travelling in time. A story told not through the adventures of the last alien standing from Gallifrey but of the lives, loves and deaths of the impossible Amelia Pond. Moffat is weaving a web of multiplex time streams around the story of a little girl who grew up to be someone extraordinary who destroys and creates universes in her dreams. 

"The Girl who Waited." was 45 minutes devoted to those moments where we consider the time we've had and the time we have left from both ends of the aging spectrum, and how time becomes more precious as we grow older and try to hang on to its finite elixir. That the older Amy Pond wanted to live on no matter how complex the subsequent paradox to keep her within the same universe and space as the younger Amy Pond was beautifully realised and performed by Karen Gillan. It was also the story of how much Amy loved Rory. A love that crossed different worlds in two seperate time streams. The sudden dawning for the older Amy that her love for her devoted nerd was still strong after 36 years apart and that to make him choose between her and her younger self was a choice too far. A moment where time stands still and weeps emotional loss. Give up your life so that your lover can be with the you you once were but can never be again. A story of sacrifice for the greater good.

An excellent episode all told. The el cheapo one. Simple and effective design. Loved the beam me down droids. Smith, Gillan and Darville were all on top form again. We see a Doctor confused, desperate, determined and cold. A dark hand player who is playing for higher stakes and his ultimate fate. As Rory put it, "You're making me choose and that's not fair." No it's not. Moffat's Doctor Who is the story of a time traveller seen through the eyes of a little girl. Everything that ever happened or ever will. The Doctor knows his fate. The time, the place and the method. He just doesn't understand the why. He's spent nearly two seasons trying to find out. He needs to fix his fate and Amy Pond is the key. Kudos to all concerned for a first rate episode.

And yes, Karen Gillan as a samurai ninja hot milf was just as good as I thought it would be.

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