Thursday, 11 August 2011

Retro Sweets: Nestle Chocolate Bar Movie Wrappers (Robin Hood)


Knew this blog would get around to all things chewy eventually. I was about 10 and right next to my straight out of a Hammer Horror movie Victorian era pre-middle school was a sweet shop. Every morning before entering the school gates all the kids used to go into the shop and stock up on sweets for playtime with our pocket money. We used to buy everything from refreshers, spangles, curlywurlys, 10 in a box candy cigarettes, bazooka bubblegum to chewy mini coke bottles and chocolate bars. Collecting the cards that came with those candy cigarettes and packs of bubblegum was a big thing as we used to swap them if we had doubles in the plaground during break. First one to complete the whole set was king of the hill for a day.

One of the things I do remember collecting were chocolate bar wrappers. The above is from Disney's Robin Hood movie from 1973 which had just been released at the local cinema. From memory, there were six to collect and I never did manage to find that bloody hypnotic snake one. I guess this is where my collecting bug came from and 40 years later I'm still looking for all the stuff I bought and gave away as a kid.

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