Friday, 19 August 2011

Retro Sci-Fi Magazines: STARBURST #1


First published in January 1978, STARBURST was the number one go to mag for UK sci-fi enthusiasts during the early months of the STAR WARS boom. Along with USA publications STARLOG, FANTASTIC FILMS and CINEMAFANTASTIQUE, I had this on monthly order with my local newsagents and I remember going into the shop, asking if anything had come in for me and watching the owner go over to a big pile of "on order" magazines and go through them looking for my name. It was always a huge thrill when he picked out something for me. One time he pulled out a STARBURST, STARLOG and FANTASTIC FILMS in one go and I ran home on cloud nine and didn't leave my bedroom for the whole weekend. STARBURST ceased publication in early 2009 having reached issue #365. I had them all. Great magazine.

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