Sunday, 7 August 2011

Retro Music: Noddy Holder and SLADE.


Okay, here's a confession I'm not in the least bit embarrassed to admit to - I fucking loved the Glam-Rock period of the early 70's where butch - and not so butch - blokes pranced around the stage looking like they'd been dragged backwards through a paint factory. Groups such as the brilliant T-Rex with the tragic Marc Bolan, batshit insane Roy Wood's Wizard, the peroxide poodles of Sweet and too many more to mention here. But for me, the best were Slade with front man, Noddy Holder. No one could belt out a rock and roll song like Noddy. His voice could strip wallpaper and put the shits up the undead.  The man gargled pure whiskey to be blessed with a grunt like that. Slade were brilliant. No fancy crap, just straight up and down rock and roll ballads. They were huge back then. Seventeen consequtive top ten singles - six of those got to number one when the charts actually meant something to everybody. Personal favourite was "Momma weer all Crazee now" from 1972. Great memories from a great band.

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