Monday, 29 August 2011

Electric TV Review: Doctor Who Season 6 "Lets Kill Hitler"

Hello there, I'm a boney fido, card carrying, signed up member of the Time Travellers Guild for Temporal Displacement Junkies. To begin, I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank a certain Mr Moffat - all hail the mighty Grand Moff of Cricklewood - for giving me the kind of Doctor Who that I've always dreamed of watching as I grew up. Not so much the heroic adventurer in space but the bemused meddler in and of the time stream. Defeating pissed off pepperpots and sadistic bipeds dressed in tin foil is one thing but give me a flawed romantic who dabbles with destiny, tickles fate, laughs in the face of parallel triple paradoxes whilst wearing a fez and tux any nano second of the week. For me, this the stuff of mind wandering daydreams.

Moffat knows and understands the bonkersness of time. He also knows he has a limited time to play with it as his tenure as program show runnner is finite. The kid reading that Doctor Who paperback all those years ago has been given the best toy any toy giver can give. And so far he is running with it.  I remember watching "the Biggest Bang Evar!!" last season and sitting there with a silly grin spreading across my mugshot as the Doc suddenly appeared in the now wearing a fez and carrying a mop. Then he disappeared again making the now the then and the future the present in the blink of an eye. The resultant hijinks dancing along the viewer timeline was met with hearty chuckles from this chair - ably helped with a can of tizer and a packet of peanuts.Now THAT was a story about a time traveller. The questions and possibilites raised are what makes me enjoy this series so.

Despite being seriously disappointed with the last episode before the summer break, I thoroughly enjoyed Doctor Who - Season Six: "Let's Kill Hitler" which aired this weekend just gone. A fun trippy little adventure set in the early days of Adolf and his Third Reich that briefly touched on the whimsy that as we grow older our past takes on greater significance and meaning. That a girl born today of time travelling parents had grown up in the past when those parents were her childhood companions was a nice little rhyme that came to fruition as the story played out despite the now adult child being a dormant assassin with Gallifreyan murder on her mind. That the girl regenerated into River Song was nicely done though expected and obvious from the various themes that were sown during the season so far. As ever, the ensemble were on top form; though I must admit that when "Mel? who the hell is Mel?" popped up in the corvette as a sort of psychotic chav with an attitude I sensed a great disturbance in the force. So I felt a wave of "phew, thank fuck for that" relief when she got shot by Hitler and went on to blow the bloody doors off by regenerating like an enthusiastic firework. The thought that she might just be the new rumoured companion gave me a bad case of the hebeejeebies I can tell you.

Matt Smith is a joy to watch at times. It's the little moments that thrill. The look on his face, the slow "uh oh" pause, and whispered "" when he suddenly comes face to face with Hitler is perfection. Arthur Darville is turning into the Tintin of the Doctor Who universe, Alex Kingston does a fabbo turn as an exhuberant domatrix trying to control her hormones, and Karen Gillan can massage a dollup of Vicks into my chest any time she likes.

So in brief summation: Very entertaining. And there were numbskulls in it. I mean NUMBSKULLS. HOW COOL WAS THAT?!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, psssst, another thing. The tux. What was that all about? AND those 32 minutes? What happened when he was in the Tardis for those 32 minutes????
Anyone got a Delorean?

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  1. A review! And a really good one too. Even though I suspect I probably won't agree with a word of it when I finally pluck up the courage to watch this. Maybe you could post it somewhere else (inserts what apparently will have to be an entirely imaginary smiley), especially since that somewhere else hasn't been very kind to it so far.

    ...The tux and the missing 32 minutes? Limited slots at the chapel that day, maybe.