Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Electric Snapshot:: Dr WHO "The Doctors Wife"


I'm a fan of Doctor WHO but I'm not a Doctor WHO fan - if that makes sense. As far back as I can remember the Doctor has always been there in the background of my life. A constant flickering, sometimes noticed, sometimes not, during a Saturday tea time with fizzy pop, apple pies and cream buns. For all of my time on this planet, Doctor WHO has been there on a journey through time and space, written its tall inter-galactic and inter-dimensional tales, discovered its hybrid heritage and regenerated its own fan obsessed mythology. If ever there was something that defined classic longevity then it is the epic story of Doctor WHO.

Electric Snapshot is about frozen moments in time. Timeless moments that stand out amongst the normal static we endure. Doctor WHO has a fair few and I'm sure as time goes on I'll be devoting more posts about those classic moments I remember. For now, this is the first moment I've chosen. From NewWHO Season 6, this is from the episode "The Doctor's Wife" written by fantasy scribe Neil Gaiman and is a quiet moment when the eleventh Doctor comes face to face with his most faithful companion and devoted guardian - the soul of the TARDIS. It's moments like this which elevates this story of a time and space travelling alien above almost everything else on television. A story of someone who's best friend just happens to be the coolest thing ever invented/created in the known universe.

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