Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Electric Movie Review: TOY STORY 3


Finally saw TOY STORY 3 today. A film of creative distinction, sleeve wearing a heart love, and a poem to the end and beginning of things. As a film for children it is in a way meant in spirit as a balm for adults who remember those moments that being a kid were all about. That, though we may put away our childish things as we grow into adulthood, there is still a place where those childish things will forever remain inside us all. Those last moments as Andy lets go of Woody and Buzz happens to us all eventually. The sudden realisation that the responsibilites of life are more important than the care free whims of not being an adult are played to perfection beneath the artists hand and are no less real simply because they are creations of colour, light and shade.

Apart from the adventure and great escapes, what I enjoyed most was the gang remained together despite the passing of the torch to a new generation. A simple message that speaks to child and adult alike that, no matter what, the comfort of friendship is what matters most in life - and fiery oblivion - even if you're made of plastic.

So, a heartwarming end to an exceptional trilogy and a reminder that even as we grow older there is always a place for those childish things that may be in the atic somewhere...

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