Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cult Icons: Tony Hart (1925 - 2009)


Art has always been a part of my character and very much a rewarding part of my life. It was my favourite subject in school - hello Miss Tait - and every report card during my early years was an A. Drawing was an escape from reality and I'd spend hours doodling and dreaming with pencils, crayon, felt tip and pen. It's no surprise that one of my most cherished childhood heroes is Tony Hart and his two classic BBC childrens art shows, VISION ON and TAKE HART. Half hours spent doing all things arty and messy with help from various characters both real and not so real. Such as Morph, probably his most famous plastercine pal, who became a cult icon in his/its own right. One of the regular items on his shows was the weekly Gallery where children could send in their own works of art to be displayed on your telly. Major kudos back then to all aspiring scribblers and doodlers. I confess I was too chicken to send anything in. Tony Hart was part of a bygone more thoughtful, fun and educational era of childrens television and is much missed by this long time fan.

Sleep well, Mr Hart.

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