Saturday, 30 July 2011

Retro Toys: Chad Valley Football (1968)


Other than a spinning top and a plastic duck shooting game, CHAD VALLEY FOOTBALL is the earliest toy I can remember owning. Made out of depressed tin plate, the game was superbly simple in its design. Played with a steel "penka" ballbearing, the players were controlled by triggers on either side of the pitch when the penka was in their slot. The great thing about the game was that the pitch was enclosed so it had a sort of "5-a-side" feel to it - plus you didn't have to run around fetching the ball after your crap centre forward decided to stick it in row zed.  Wonderful memories of doing kitchen table cup draws with teams written on a folded piece of paper and drawn from a crisp packet with the obvious dramatic commentary by yours truly. A fantastic and favourite football game which was way better than Subbuteo or Striker which followed afterwards.

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