Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Retro Comics: COR!! 1970.

CRIKEY - it's COR!!!

British comics were a strange lot when I was growing up. On the one hand, you had UK Marvel publishing various superhero comics and on the other, the traditional "funnies" comics from publishers like IPC, Fleetway and DC Thomson & Co. Stuff like the Beano, Dandy, Whizzer and Chips, Monster Fun and so on. I used to buy them all. My pocket money went on everything I could get my hands on.

On reflection, I think my absolute favourite was COR!! The first issue is shown above and it came with a free sachet of goo to make a fizzy drink. Tasted crap from memory. But being a kid you didn't care. COR!! ran for 210 issues before it merged with Buster in the shrinking UK market for kids comics. I loved it. Saturday mornings meant nipping down to Wilsons the newsagents at the bottom of my street and getting all the latest issues. Great memories of really fun times sitting reading them in the back yard whilst eating a curlywurly.

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