Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Retro Videogaming: UnderWurlde.


"Underwurlde" by ULTIMATE PLAY THE GAME.

People say that the Super Mario series from Nintendo are the greatest videogaming platformers of all time. Nope, not for me they're not. I go way back to 1984 and this game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum which came out at the same time as another seminal classic from ULTIMATE - Knight Lore. 

Underwurlde was amazing for its time. To get anywhere you had to pixel perfect jump from ledge to ledge whilst avoiding the meanies. But these meanies were different: all they did was nudge or bump you. Simple when you're on the ground but a pain in the ass if you were perched on a tiny platform half way up the inside of a tower and a fall would mean the loss of a life. Perfect gameplay. Equal parts addictive. Equal parts ARGGHHHH!!

A fantastic game with one of the greatest "cheats" ever seen in the history of videogaming. But that's a tale for another post...

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