Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Retro History: Return of the Moon Men.


Life is marked by moments in history. I was seven when Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins went for a trip to the moon. I remember sitting around our old black and white tv with family and my dad telling me that what was about to happen was the most important thing that had ever happened and that I would rremember it to my dying day. Being seven that was a pretty big deal. It was a then and now moment. Yesterday was different to tomorrow. The world turned but all eyes were to the heavens. No doubt I'll post more from our adventures in the cosmos but I wanted to post this particular one first because when I first saw it after returning to school after the summer holidays I asked my teacher why they were locked in a tin can. "Do they have moon flu or something?"

To be there at the dawn of a new age is a blessing as it makes one appreciated the achievements of the future even more. Thanks Neil, Buzz and Michael for showing me the amazing beauty beyond my own personal horizon.

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