Sunday, 4 September 2011

Electric TV Review: Doctor Who Season 6 "Night Terrors"


Aha, so the scariest place in all of the known universe is the wardrobe in a kids bedroom. I knew it. I had a wardrobe just like that. A huge double doored austere fake mahogany thing that could only be opened with a magic brass key and into which a veritable jumble of stuff was thrown into it over the years.Unlike George, who turned out to be a sort of ginger alien chameleon with a bad case of panphobia, my wardrobe was a place where I used to hide whenever I got into trouble or had to do the dishes. In the grand scheme of things Night Terrors was a perfectly fine way to spend a Saturday evening. Nicely shot in spooky vision, decent acting by all concerned, a couple of funny lines and all wrapped up with a slightly gooey and "OH MY GOD THE GINGER KID IS AN ALIEN MUTANT WHO ONLY WANTS TO BE LURVED REALLY - AGAIN" denoument. And that was that. Viewed once, quite enjoyed, doubt will watch it ever again kinda thing.

On a whim, popped over to Gallifrey Base - that wretched hive of scum, villany and flip flop wearers - and as expected they were having a veritable bun fight over it. Those who HATED it REALLY HATED IT and were out in force insisting that everyone who gave it a 2/10 or above were deluded fanwankers who needed to be put down at birth or made to spend a whole day watching Torchwood on a loop. I never understood the 1/10 brigade. I mean, you hated EVERYTHING? There was not even one thing in the whole episode that managed to be even remotely ok? What about that nice little nod to Close Encounters when the Doc was sat with George on his bed and he uses his sonic to make all the toys come alive like magic? That was cool. What about the eyeball? I jumped a bit and I'm old enough to know better. What about Karen Gillan's hair? Or legs? Or bum? Or or...

I dunno. People are strange. "I hate the arc. Can we not have anymore arcy stories? They do my head in. Give me a monster of the week episode please." Hello Night Terrors. "That was CRAP. What was that? It was too slow. Slow and boring. A ginger ET with freckles? Are you kidding? Fuck off Moffat, you're ruining MY show!!" Blah, blah blah.

In the flotsam and jetsam dross ridden puddle that is Saturday night telly, even when merely average, Dr Who is an island in a sea of poo. I ask only that it keeps me entertained and that there are no fart jokes.

Next weeks looks neat. Karen Gillan as a hot milf samurai ninja. Can't wait.

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  1. You have been waiting your entire life to say, "hot milf samurai ninja." You must feel very fulfilled right now.